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48th Annie Awards Call for Nomination Judges


Beginning on August 1 and extending through September 17, ASIFA-Hollywood is conducting the 48th Annual Annie Award Call for Nominating Committee Judges. Please note that the registration procedure has been simplified this year, but all judges, whether they have applied in the past or are enrolling for the first time, will need to submit a new application.

To be considered for a nominating committee, judge candidates must have an established career in animation and exemplary professional credentials in at least one of the Annie Award categories. If you are interested in being a nominating committee judge, please fill out the application below.

Important: We are using a new, simplified form this year, so even if you have been on a judging roster in the past, we will not be able to integrate your old information with the new list. All prospective judges, both past applicants and new enrollees, MUST submit the application form below.

You do not need to be an ASIFA-Hollywood member to be an Annie judge. If you fulfill the professional career and credential requirements and want to apply, please submit the application below.

Filling out the application will put you on our list of nomination judge candidates, but will not guarantee you a committee position. If, however, you are chosen, you must be prepared to spend a few hours looking at your committee’s submissions online and meeting with your committee in person for the final nominee selection sometime in November. You, your fellow judges and your committee chair will determine when/where that meeting will take place. Additionally, some judges may also be selected to participate in final jury procedures in late January, immediately following the general membership vote.

Application Process Closed

The application process for the 48th Annie Awards judges has closed!